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Our Lady and St Charles Borromeo

Prayer of St Charles Borromeo

Almighty God, you have generously made known to human beings the mysteries of your life through Jesus Christ your Son in the Holy Spirit. 
Enlighten my mind to know these mysteries which your Church treasures and teaches.Move my heart to love them and my will to live in accord with them.
Give me the ability to teach this Faith to others without pride, without ostentation, and without personal gain.
Let me realise that I am simply your instrument for bringing others to the knowledge of the wonderful things you have done for all your creatures.
Help me to be faithful to this task that you have entrusted to me.

Parish Priest Fr James E Caulfield 

The Rectory 

69 Queen's Road 


PE13 2PH

Telephone 01945 583466 


Parish Secretary Mrs Veronica Marsden.Please note Veronica is a volunteer and is only in the office on Monday and Friday mornings.  For any general enquiries please email or drop a letter into the rectory.    




Our Lady and St Charles Borromeo Newsletter 19th May 2024

Pentecost; Year B: Weekday Cycle 2; Devine Office Wk


Parish Priest Fr James E Caulfield Telephone 01945 583466 Email:

Parish Secretary Mrs Veronica Marsden.Please note Veronica is a volunteer and is only in the office on Monday and Friday mornings.  For any general enquiries please email or drop a letter into the rectory.   




Mass Times:

Saturday 18th May            18:00         Mass People of the Parish

Sunday     19th May            10:00         Mass Pamela Kay Mitcham RIP

Friday       24th May            12:15         Mass/Eucharistic Service

and De Profundis.

Saturday 25th May            18:00         Mass People of the Parish

Sunday     26th May            10:00         Mass

Friday       31st May            12:15         Mass/Eucharistic Service

and De Profundis.

Saturday 1st June              18:00         Mass

Sunday     2nd June             10:00         Mass

Friday       7th June              12:15         Mass/Eucharistic Service

 and De Profundis.

Saturday 8th June              18:00         Mass

Sunday     9th June              10:00         Mass

Monday    10th June            13:00         Funeral Betty Parker (followed by

                                                               Burial in Upwell)




Tea and Coffee in the St Joseph's Hall after 10:00 Mass all welcome

Gluten Free Hosts.  If you are a celiac sufferer and require a gluten free host, please contact the Sacristan before Mass and arrangements will be made for one to be placed in a pyx for you.


If you require a priest in an emergency please contact the Rural Dean in King’s Lynn

The Catholic Rectory

North Everard Street

King’s Lynn

Norfolk. PE30 5HQ

Telephone: (01553) 772220



The Rosary Some volunteers will be leading the Rosary on Wednesday Evenings in the Church at 7pm during the month of May.  All are welcome.  There are some beautiful rosaries available on the bench by the side door. 

Church Cleaning Wednesday 22nd June at 10:00. All volunteers welcome.


Deputy Head Teacher vacancy at Notre Dame High School, Norwich

For more details, please see Diocesan Website:


The New Lectionary The long-awaited new lectionary will be in use as from the 1st Sunday of a advent 2024 (01/12/24).  I have preordered the parish set for use in the church and the smaller set for use in preparing funerals, weddings, house masses etc. even with the promotional discount this will cost the parish nearly £1,000.  Considering they replace the volumes bought in 1971 that is not bad value for money but will make a dink in the parish finance so please review your weekly planned giving.     

For reasons lost in time and space the peoples editions of the lectionary are called the Sunday Missal.  The simple version of these will also be available in the Autumn and may be preordered via the link below or visit the Catholic Truth Society Webpage and get the link through them. 

The standard edition will cost £19:95 and the presentation editions will be £29:95.   I have not ordered the new processional Book of the Gospels (£295) because it is used so rarely that the old edition with the reading for the event inserted will suffice.  I have also gone for e cheeper study edition rather than the chapel editions for use with the house masses and preparation of sacraments. 

Parish Readers (Lectors) if you read at mass, I will make a group order for the Standard Editions at £19:95 There is no discount offered with these, but it would provide a £3:95 saving on post and packaging.  If you wish to order through the parish, please give your name and contact details to Fr Caulfield in writing along with £19:95.  Sorry but I must ask for cash in advance.  Others may also order through the parish on the same terms. A simple form will be available at the back of church. 

The new Lectionary will use the English Standard Version - Catholic Edition of the Bible and the Abbey Psalter. The changes are intended to make the biblical translations more faithful to the original languages, biblical scholarship, and to provide a text for use in liturgical setting that is more proclaimable and, where appropriate, more inclusive.

The old lectionary used the Jerusalem Bible and the Grail Psalms.  The Jerusalem Bible was revised in the 1980’s but this revision was not adopted in the lectionaries currently in use. 

It is important that when you buy a Bible you buy one that is approved as being a Catholic Edition.  There are several reasons but put simply the Catholic Editions include books in the canon of the scripture taken from the Northern Kingdom of Israel and include texts that are not found in the Protestant Bibles which use only the books of the Southern Kingdom, Judah. The various approved versions differ in translation slightly. Some give an interpretation emphasis to style and common usage and are useful as an easy to read, particularly some of the children's editions.   Others focus on providing a more ridged translation which is important for scholarship and accuracy in the defining of dogma.  In the same way as if you're driving an AA route map is adequate but if you are walking and wanting a more detailed map then you will need an Ordinance survey map. You will definitely need an Ordinance survey map in a property dispute for relying on you sat nav will give very little credibility to your claim in a court of law.  So, it is with the various editions of the bible. When buying one you need to decide what it is mainly to be used for.  A general familiarisation with the Story of God and his people or are you going to write a theological thesis. 

The Holy See has decided that at Mass we should be more scholarly and avoid some of the ambiguity that some interpretations allow.  In the home I would go for a less Scholarly version with younger children and build from there. 

The other thing that the new lectionary will provide is a greater range of scriptures and readings for various feasts and liturgical services such as weddings and funerals.  To accommodate these extra readings the lectionary will come in 4 volumes not 3 however the 3year Sunday Cycle and the 2year Weekday Cycle remain.



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