Parish Priest Fr James Edward Caulfield

The Icon of The Holy Family is touring the Diocese as part of the Holy year of St Joseph. It will be welcomed to our parish during the 10:15 Mass into the 14th Sunday in Ordinary time, 4thJuly.

There will be a Holy Hour on Wednesday 30th of June with special prayers offered. Further details to follow.


Good News
The Bishop’a Conference has issued new CV19 guidelines that will come into effect today, 17th May.

The guidelines are still dependent upon local conditions and the core guideline is still one of caution. For this parish the changes will be:

1) Social Distance. The gap, provided people are wearing masks, is reduced to 1 m. This means that all pews in the church May now be used. Please note that the limit of 2 unrelated persons to a pew remains in place. I would also ask people to be cautious when kneeling this closes the gap between you and the people in front.

2) The offertory procession may resume. The collection is not being restored yet but the gifts may be brought up to the alter.

3) The Alter servers may receive the gifts and place them, unopened, onto the altar.

4) Weddings are now limited to 30 people but for our parish funerals are now limited, with all pews available, to 90 people.

I regret that community singing is still prohibited.
Over the coming months we hope to be able to restore communion under both kinds. Social gatherings outside of up to 30 people are permitted.

It is hopeful that the summer will not see a 4th wave and thus we are on target for a full relaunch in September.

Fr James
parish priest.

NB, circumstances in other churches differ and so may have slight variations on the implementation of these new guidelines.

Test and trace contact tracing QR poster

To assist people who have downloaded the NHS track and trace ap on phones and Ipads a QR poster is now displayed in the entrance and exit of the church. Please scan the barcode in accordance with the NHS protocols.

Please note that the display of this poster is advisory and not a legal requirement for places of worship. Stay safe is the best policy and so I ask people to use NHS CV-19 Ap and use the QR code when attending church services. Thank you
Fr James E Caulfield Parish Priest

Independent Report into Child Abuse

Statement on the IICSA report

CV19 Regulations

The majority of this parish falls within the Fenland District Council area which is in Tier 2. As of 20th December 2020.

Some areas and some parishioners come from districts high are now in Tier 4.

regardless of the tier area you are in you may still come to Mass.

“Communal worship and life events

You can leave home to attend a place of worship for communal worship, a funeral or a related event for someone who has died, or to visit a burial ground or a remembrance garden, or to attend a wedding - but funerals, linked events and weddings are all subject to limits on the numbers that can attend “

Full details are available on the government website, please do not follow rumour or inaccurate reports in local or even national media.

Public Worship

To ensure that we comply with the CV 19 restrictions and ensure peoples safety certain protocols must be adopted. The first is that i am introducing a booking system. People may apply for a place but the final allocation will be made by the Parish Priest and a list produced for each of the masses. If you not on the list you will not be permitted to enter the church.

Booking form attached below..

Please note that unless you book you will not be allocated a place. The booking form is an application form and not a guarantee of a place. You will be notified of the allocations and a list will be kept by the stewards. It is unfortunate that the church can not accommodate everyone but the plan is to maximise the attendance at the weekday Masses as well to try and ensure that people are able to receive Holy Communion once a week, even if it is on a weekday. The obligatin to attend Mass on Sundays is suspended

If your name is not in the list you will not be admitted, Please do not think you can charm or beguile the stewards.
Claiming you sent a form but it was lost will not be accepted as an excuse. the rule is very simple.

If you are not on the list you will not be admitted.

Please return this form to:

Parish Update

Over the coming few weeks several projects will be taking place within the church. Much good work has already been done in preparation by a team of parish volunteers. The work includes the replacement of the spiral staircase with a safer means of access to the upper room; the reopening of the confessional external door; the sanding and resurfacing of the floor and the replacement of all high level light bulbs.

When this work is complete the church will be given a high level clean.

Weekday masses will vary but as a guide.

Monday 10:00

Tuesday 10:00

Wednesday 18:00

Thursday no Mass

Friday 12:15

No Mass on Saturday Morning.

Daily Masses will be advertised on the parish webpage here and on facebook.

I shall also set up a live streaming link for the Blessed Sacrament so that people may be assisted in their private prayer at home. The parish Memorial Garden is also available for private prayer.

The hope is that we will be able to have public worship in the church by Sunday 26th of July.
In order to ensure that this is done we will also need to make some other preparations such as the employment of a team of stewards and the devising of a booking system for the Masses. I shall give further details of this in a letter which au hope to send out on Friday.
This letter will be published on the parish website and sent electronically to all on the parish email list. If you have not been receiving a copy of the Sunday hymn sheet via email it is because we do not have your email address. If you could send an updated email to me then I will amend the parish email list. If you are in contact with any other parishioners, who are not on facebook, please ask them to send their email address to me.
For anyone who has not got an email we will send a copy of the letter via the post. Again I would ask that you ensure that any parishioners with whom you have contact update their postal address by sending it to me at the Rectory.
My email is

please do not send me messages over facebook or the facebook messaging app because it is insecure.

Many thanks for your patience. Good work is being done and I hope we will be able to share in communion together soon.

Fr James E Caulfield 29th June 2020

Spiritual Communion – Prayer of St Alphonsus

My Jesus,
I believe that you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar.
I love you above all things
and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally,
come spiritually into my soul so that I may unite myself wholly to you
now and forever.

Recorded Programmes.
The Angelus Promise is currently available as a recording as are all the Masses said so far.
Over the coming days I shall add Recordings of the Rosary, The Stations of the Cross and a penitential meditation/examination of conscience.

Connect to live stream via YouTube link, subscribe and you will get notification of posts and of live streaming going on-air

Live streaming from the Vatican

The Ministry of the Teacup

Welcome, Whether your an old stalwart; new to the area or have been away from the Catholic Church for some time please be assured that you will find a warm welcome. Introduce yourself,, or at least don't dash off after the Mass and let us get to know you. You may have skills or talents to offer and we will be happy to make use of them. The most important and often over looked skill is 'The Ministry of the Teacup'. Take the weight of your feet and sit and chat with folk and share a mug of tea, or coffee. Share the burdens and ideas if how ti cope with the vagaries of life in a warm and confidential environment. Loneliness is a common state for many but here in the parish you will always find a listening ear and friendly folk to give you a hand.

After the 10.15 am Sunday Mass you are most welcome to join us in the Rosmini Centre next to the Church for refreshments and a chance to meet and share in the Ministry of the Teacup.


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Saint Borromeo Wisbech UK


Parish Border

The parish includes the following towns, villages and their hinterland.

  1. Church End
  2. Parsons Drove
  3. Elm
  4. Emneth
  5. Foul Anchor
  6. Four Gotes
  7. Friday Bridge
  8. Gorefield
  9. Guyhirn
  10. Leverington
  11. Murrow
  12. Newton-in-the-Isle
  13. Outwell
  14. Parson's Drove
  15. Terrington St John
  16. Thorney Toll (not Thorney itself)
  17. Three Holes
  18. Tydd Gote
  19. Tydd St Giles
  20. Walpole Highway
  21. Walpole St Andrew
  22. Walpole St Peter
  23. Walsoken
  24. West Walton
  25. West Walton Highway
  26. Wisbech St Mary
  27. Upwell.

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