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Parish Priest: Father James Edward Caulfield BD

Phone: 01945 583466

69 Queens Road
PE13 2PH

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The Parish Secretary, Veronica, is a volunteer and kindly comes in on Mondays and Fridays.

For baptisms, weddings and funerals please contact the Parish Secretary at the parish office:


    Honouring Sunday

    As the Synodal Pathway of listening and discerning unfolds, we the bishops of England andWales, are paying particular attention to the hopes and fears, the joys and anxieties of all whoare sharing their thoughts and feelings with us.

    Longing for our Lord

    We are attentive to the experience of the last year or so, when we have lived our faith through the limitations of the pandemic. We have heard of the longing which some express as a "homesickness." We want to be in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. We yearn tocelebrate the sacraments together, especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We desire to benourished by our Lord in Holy Communion. The live streaming of the Mass and theremarkable response of our Catholic communities to those in need, have provided comfort, sustenance and resilience.

    The Eucharist, source and summit

    The Eucharist is the source and summit of our spiritual and pastoral life. Many people havesaid to us that they have appreciated the noble simplicity of the Mass at this time, which hasallowed the mystery and majesty of our Lord's sacrificial love to shine through.

    The central appeal of the Mass, its beauty and its transcendence,raises our minds and hearts to God in an unambiguous and compelling manner. Our Lord Jesus invites us to receive anew the gift of Sunday as the preeminent day, the day of the Resurrection, when the Church gathers to celebrate the Eucharist. Here we stand together before our heavenly Father, offering our thanksgiving and prayer, through our Saviour in the Holy Spirit. Here we receive Christ in his Word. Here we are nourished by Christ in his precious Body and Blood. This is our primary joy, for which there is no substitute, and from which we draw our strength.

    The Gift of the Sunday Eucharist

    The Sunday Eucharist is a gift; as God's holy people we are called to praise and thank God in the most sub lime way possible. When the Church speaks of the Stmday obligation, it reminds us that attending Mass is a personal response to the selfl ess offering of Christ's love.

    At this time, we recognise that for some people there may be certain factors which hinderattendance at Sunday Mass. The pand emic is clearly not over. The risk of in fection is still

    present. For some, there is legitimate fear in gathering together. As your bishops, werecognise that these prevailing circumstances suggest that not everyone is yet in the positionto fulfil the absolute duty to attend freely Sunday Mass.

    Responding to the Gift

    We now encourage all Catholics to look again at the patterns which they have formed inrecent months with regard to going to Mass on Sundays. This would include considerationand reflection about what we might do on Sundays, such as sports or shopping, or otherleisure and social activities. This review, and the decisions which arise from it, fall to everyCatholic and we trust this will be done with honesty, motivated by a real love for the Lordwhom we encounter in the Mass.

    The Sunday Mass is the very heartbeat of the Church and of our personal life of faith. Wegather on the "first day of the week," and devote ourselves to the apostles' teaching and thefellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers (Acts 2:42). The Eucharist sustains usand spurs us on, renewing our gratitude and our hope. When we say "Amen" to Christ inreceiving his Body and Blood, we express the love of God which is deep within us, and at the end of Mass, when we are sent forth, we express our love for our neighbour, especially those in need. These two dimensions reveal the full meaning of our faith. We are gathered togetherand sent out, we pray and are fed, we worship and we adore; these are intrinsic to our lives asthose baptised into Christ.

    Approved at the Plenary Assembly of Bishops in LeedsThursday 18th November 2021


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Parish Update

Over the coming few weeks several projects will be taking place within the church. Much good work has already been done in preparation by a team of parish volunteers. The work includes the replacement of the spiral staircase with a safer means of access to the upper room; the reopening of the confessional external door; the sanding and resurfacing of the floor and the replacement of all high level light bulbs.

When this work is complete the church will be given a high level clean.

Weekday masses will vary but as a guide.

Monday 10:00

Tuesday 10:00

Wednesday 18:00

Thursday no Mass

Friday 12:15

No Mass on Saturday Morning.

Daily Masses will be advertised on the parish webpage here and on facebook.

I shall also set up a live streaming link for the Blessed Sacrament so that people may be assisted in their private prayer at home. The parish Memorial Garden is also available for private prayer.

The hope is that we will be able to have public worship in the church by Sunday 26th of July.
In order to ensure that this is done we will also need to make some other preparations such as the employment of a team of stewards and the devising of a booking system for the Masses. I shall give further details of this in a letter which au hope to send out on Friday.
This letter will be published on the parish website and sent electronically to all on the parish email list. If you have not been receiving a copy of the Sunday hymn sheet via email it is because we do not have your email address. If you could send an updated email to me then I will amend the parish email list. If you are in contact with any other parishioners, who are not on facebook, please ask them to send their email address to me.
For anyone who has not got an email we will send a copy of the letter via the post. Again I would ask that you ensure that any parishioners with whom you have contact update their postal address by sending it to me at the Rectory.
My email is

please do not send me messages over facebook or the facebook messaging app because it is insecure.

Many thanks for your patience. Good work is being done and I hope we will be able to share in communion together soon.

Fr James E Caulfield 29th June 2020

Spiritual Communion – Prayer of St Alphonsus

My Jesus,
I believe that you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar.
I love you above all things
and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally,
come spiritually into my soul so that I may unite myself wholly to you
now and forever.

Recorded Programmes.
The Angelus Promise is currently available as a recording as are all the Masses said so far.
Over the coming days I shall add Recordings of the Rosary, The Stations of the Cross and a penitential meditation/examination of conscience.

Connect to live stream via YouTube link, subscribe and you will get notification of posts and of live streaming going on-air

Live streaming from the Vatican

The Ministry of the Teacup

Welcome, Whether your an old stalwart; new to the area or have been away from the Catholic Church for some time please be assured that you will find a warm welcome. Introduce yourself,, or at least don't dash off after the Mass and let us get to know you. You may have skills or talents to offer and we will be happy to make use of them. The most important and often over looked skill is 'The Ministry of the Teacup'. Take the weight of your feet and sit and chat with folk and share a mug of tea, or coffee. Share the burdens and ideas if how ti cope with the vagaries of life in a warm and confidential environment. Loneliness is a common state for many but here in the parish you will always find a listening ear and friendly folk to give you a hand.

After the 10.15 am Sunday Mass you are most welcome to join us in the Rosmini Centre next to the Church for refreshments and a chance to meet and share in the Ministry of the Teacup.


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Saint Borromeo Wisbech UK


Parish Border

The parish includes the following towns, villages and their hinterland.

  1. Church End
  2. Parsons Drove
  3. Elm
  4. Emneth
  5. Foul Anchor
  6. Four Gotes
  7. Friday Bridge
  8. Gorefield
  9. Guyhirn
  10. Leverington
  11. Murrow
  12. Newton-in-the-Isle
  13. Outwell
  14. Parson's Drove
  15. Terrington St John
  16. Thorney Toll (not Thorney itself)
  17. Three Holes
  18. Tydd Gote
  19. Tydd St Giles
  20. Walpole Highway
  21. Walpole St Andrew
  22. Walpole St Peter
  23. Walsoken
  24. West Walton
  25. West Walton Highway
  26. Wisbech St Mary
  27. Upwell.

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