Catholics believe the Eucharist (or Holy Communion, or Mass) to be both a sacrifice and a meal. Because Jesus, when he celebrated with his closest friends on the last night of his life on earth, took bread and said “THIS IS MY BODY” and over the cup of wine said “THIS IS MY BLOOD” Catholics have always reverenced the REAL PRESENCEOF JESUS in the Blessed Sacrament by kneeling before it. When we receive Holy Communion it is Jesus himself who comes to us and gives us himself as spiritual nourishment to bring us closer to himself, to God and to each other.


These usually start in September each year for children 7 years and over. They are held in school term time in the Meeting Room in the Presbytery, 69 Queen’s Road, ON SATURDAYS from 10am – 11am. A form for Enrolment of your child will be available in June each year. Please have ready, or obtain, the child’s CERTIFICATE OF BAPTISM if you have come from outside this parish – this is an important requirement.The next classes for 2020 begin in September 2019.

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